Terra Maris


Terra Maris

Terra Maris grilled vegetables


Terra Maris offers the following in 2kg cans:
– grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini and grilled peppers


Terra Maris beans

Terra Maris offers in 2.6kg cans:
– natural white Cannellini kidney beans, four bean mix and chick peas


Terra Maris artichokes and pesto



Terra Maris offers:
– pesto alla genovese in 130g and 580g jars
– Roman-style artichokes with stems in sunflower oil in 2.55kg cans
– natural artichokes in 2.6kg cans

Other Tera Maris products:

Pomodoracino in oil: sundried cherry tomatoes in oil in 1.7kg jars

Friarelli (turnips tops): Neapolitan broccoli in 750g cans

Porcini Trifolati: mixed porcini mushrooms in 750g cans