Polenta Valsugana

Polenta Valsugana

Polenta Valsugana

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In ancient times, polenta was made all around the Mediterranean basin, using different grains like millet, barley, buckwheat, rye, spelt and wheat.

When the Old World discovered America, it also discovered maize. This grain, native to the lands between Mexico and Peru, was eaten together with vegetables and flavoured with salsas and spices, providing a healthy, balanced diet. Among the local people, it was an object of worship, used to decorate houses and presented as a gift to the gods.

Maize spread through Europe from the 17th century and became part of staple diets. It is now considered a typical northern Italian product and a true gastronomic specialty.

Polenta Valsugana is the market leader in Italy. Highly nutritious and easily digestible, it comes in three varieties.

Instant Polenta Valsugana is made from carefully selected maize and contains no preservatives or colourings. The maize is milled, then partially steam-cooked to make a cornmeal that helps bring the flavour and authenticity of traditional polenta to the table in just a few minutes.

Ready-made Polenta Valsugana is a versatile new product that contains high quality cornmeal and is made using traditional cooking methods. It is always ready for instant use in any number of ways. Just open it up, slice the polenta and heat.

Wholegrain Polenta Valsugana is produced exclusively from selected quality corn grains, harvested when perfectly ripe and milled with care to achieve its coarse-ground characteristics. The steam cooking method used by Polenta Valsugana allows the corn and bran to maintain their natural properties and the fragrance of wholemeal flour.