A family owned company, Attina has perfected the fine art of preserving vegetables over generations. Today, Attina offers the best tasting and highest quality antipasto products, so they can be served on the very best platters.

Attina olives

Attina offers:
– green “Bella di Cerignola” olives in 550g jars, 3kg jars and 5kg buckets
– roses pitted olives in 4kg buckets
– black olives in 5kg buckets
– green Belice olives in 4kg buckets (Nocellare del Belice)


Attina artichokes

Attina offers:
– artichoke hearts in oil in 275g, 540g and 2.9kg jars
– artichoke hearts in oil in 540g and 2.5kg cans
– rustic halved artichokes in oil in 540g and 2.9kg jars
– artichokes “carciofi alla Romana” 2.5kg jars


Attina capers

Attina offers:
– salted capers in 212g jars and 1kg buckets
– capers in vinegar in 212g and 1.7kg jars
– caper fruit in vinegar in 314g jars


Attina eggplant

Attina offers:
– eggplant fillets in oil in 314g, 540g and 2.9kg jars


Attina giardiniera – pickled vegetables


Attina offers:
– pickled vegetables in vinegar in 310g, 530g and 2.9kg jars

Attina antipasto

Attina offers:
– Calabrian antipasto in 580g and 2.5kg jars
– antipasto in oil in 520g jars
Attina homemade wild onions


Attina offers:
– homemade wild onions “lampascioni” in 314g and 3.1kg jars

Attina mushrooms


Attina offers:
– poker homemade mushrooms in 540g and 1.55kg jars
– homemade fungottini in 580g jars
– sliced mushrooms in 400g cans

Attina sun-dried tomatoes


Attina offers:
– sun-dried tomatoes in oil in 314g, 540g and 2.9kg jars

Attina chillies

Attina offers:
– sliced hot chillies in 540g jars