Panealba biscuits & breadsticks

Panealba Stiratini

Panealba biscuits and breadsticks

Panealba’s stiratini breadsticks taste like they’re homemade because of the top quality fresh ingredients that go into every line. They’re ideal for an antipasto platter, to accompany a meal or even just to eat as a snack. Bon Food’s Panealba stiratini selection includes black olive, olive oil, sesame and rosemary.

Panealba’s Italian specialty biscuits are typically crunchy and interestingly shaped. You won’t find a more authentic Italian biscuit. Bon Food’s range includes Le Sfogliette Cioccolate, Le Sfogliatine (twist shape), Cuori di Sfoglia (heart shape) and Le Sfogliette Dorate (leaf shape).

Panealba Stiratini, Biscuits & Cruncy Sticks