Elledi (Gastone Lago brand)


Gastone Lago

Elledi first started specialising in wafer biscuit production back in 1968 in Galliera Veneta, near Padua in northern Italy.

Since then, thanks to the founder’s passion and intuition, Elledi has played a fundamental role in the growth and diffusion of the confectionary category.

Today, Elledi has rebranded itself as Gastone Lago, the name of its founder and the person responsible for the excellent cream and wafer preparation and the quality products for which the brand is widely known.

Poker classic wafer biscuits

Savoiardi lady fingers

The original lady finger biscuits have a spongy and friable texture and are prepared with 26% pasteurised fresh whole eggs. They are the perfect accompaniment for coffee or tea and a great ingredient for Tiramisu. Each lady finger is 50g. Savoiardi come in both 400g and 200g pack sizes and have a long shelf life.

Elledi Savoiardi 400g Elledi Savoiardi 200g

Sfogliatine classic Italian biscuits

These classic Italian fine pastry biscuits are made with light and crunchy puff pastry and come in two delicious varieties – sugared and glazed with apricot jam.

sfogliatine-glassate sfogliatine-zuccherate

Amaretto typical Italian biscuit

The typical Italian Amaretto from Gastone Lago is made with sugar, apricot kernels (20%) and egg white.

Party wafers

The popular party wafers come in six delectable flavours – chocolate, cappuccino, hazelnut, vanilla, lemon and orange. Their neat cube shape and individual flavours make them perfect for any occasion, big or small.


Cacao-Party-Wafers Cappuccino-Party-Wafers Hazelnut-Party-Wafers
Orange-Party-Wafers Vanilla-Party-Wafers elledi-lemon