Divella legumes


Divella Legumes

Divella’s quality range of canned beans are rich in flavour and protein, enhancing meals in many homes.

Lentils: In popular Italian folklore, lentils bring good fortune especially if eaten on New Year’s Day.
For the rest of the year – actually, any time of year – lentils can be used to enhance the taste of a range of dishes.
Cannellini Beans: Long shape, delicate flavour, ideal on their own with just a drop of olive oil,
as a side dish or in a soup.
Chick Peas: One of the most popular foods in ancient times and used for more than seven hundred years
as a source of protein with an unmistakable flavour.
White Spanish Beans: White, big, pulpy, ideal for summer dishes such as fresh salads or pasta salads.
Borlotti Beans: A complete food on its own that can also be mixed with pasta, cereals and seafood.
Four Bean Mix: Red kidney beans, baby lima beans, chick peas and butter beans come together in this
delicious mix of goodness.
They’re naturally low in fat, high in fibre and because they’re low GI, they’ll keep you fuller for longer.
Red Kidney Beans: Also known as red beans, they get their full name from their resemblance in shape
and colour to a kidney.