Colomba anchovies are the authentic Italian anchovies. All anchovies in the Colomba range are fished out of Italian waters and the difference compared to rival brands that use Moroccan anchovies is significant. The taste and texture are of a much higher quality.

Colomba anchovies are supplied by Italy’s largest anchovy supplier (Cosimar) and have gained such a reputation of reliability and quality that Colomba anchovies have become the biggest selling European anchovies amongst major Australian restaurants.

Bon Food is proud to offer the following Colomba products:

–  anchovy fillets in sunflower oil in 80g, 150g, 300g and 600g jars
–  anchovy fillets with chilli in sunflower oil in 80g and 600g jars
–  white marinated anchovies in sunflower oil in 1kg trays