Bontà caffè

Bontà caffè

Bonta CaffèIn Italy, where coffee is an art form, Bontà is a true masterpiece.

Bontà has crafted blends to satisfy the toughest and most passionate coffee aficionado. Coming from Sicily, the aroma, taste and experience of a cup of Bontà Caffè will transform any situation into a uniquely Italian moment. The Bontà Caffè range includes:

Caffè Italiano Qualitá Rara 100% Arabica (black)
A stronger, robust flavour for all true coffee connoisseurs.

Caffè Italiano Decaffeinato (blue)
Decaffeinated using an all-natural, chemical-free method.

Caffè Italiano (red)
The blend that is most popular in Sicily; perfect for enjoying at home.

Caffè Italiano Espresso Casa (brown)
Ideal for domestic machines to reproduce café quality coffee.

Bonta Caffè pack